Get greater control over your emergency services operations with WEBFLEET. With detailed, automated reports you can you respond faster to incidents, keep your team safe and run a more cost-effective fleet.

Respond faster to incidents

Respond faster to incidents

WEBFLEET gives you complete control over your entire fleet. Send your team job information and real-time updates on the status of an activity and prove their performance with automatic reports. And by taking traffic information into account you can make sure the right people are in the right place in the fastest possible time.

Keep first responders safe

Keep first responders safe

Ensure drivers stay in contact with the office and get live updates on a job’s status. Our satellite navigation devices come with voice control leaving first responders to focus on the road and arrive quickly and safely at their destination – avoiding traffic and detours.

Prove your activities

Prove your activities

WEBFLEET’s detailed reports record response times and your time on site, enabling you to prove what activities you have done.

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It’s easy to integrate WEBFLEET into your existing systems and power partner applications and data. Integrate with GIS systems such as Esri and, with WEBFLEET’s camera function, you will always have proof to hand, capturing information at the emergency site to send back to the office.

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