Reach customers faster than ever

Reach customers faster than ever

WEBFLEET gives you complete control over your fleet, so you can help your drivers get to customers fast. Our PRO driver terminals give drivers live information on the situation on the road. And our vehicle tracking system means you can give customers real-time updates on a driver's progress, including any delays.

Keep your costs down

Keep your costs down

With WEBFLEET you can minimise admin time with automated reporting both in the office, and for drivers. You can also lower vehicle costs – including fuel, maintenance and insurance – by monitoring behaviour and promoting responsible driving.

Prove your safety, reliability and green credentials

Prove your safety, reliability and green credentials

In the utilities sector, it’s important to show you’re meeting industry demands. WEBFLEET’s automated reports give you detailed proof of your drivers' locations, journey times, stops made and time spent with customers – everything you need to prove your credentials.

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WEBFLEET integrates with GIS systems such as Esri’s GIS, as well as planning and scheduling software. Drivers can also capture digital signatures on their PRO driver terminal.

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