Casa Imports

Casa Imports is a family-owned food service distribution company servicing 3000 customer accounts in five states. Based in Utica, New York, the company’s 20 trucks travel around the east coast, meeting customer delivery timelines.

According to CFO Brian Suba, the company is focused on customer satisfaction. When we set receiving times with a customer, getting there at the right time is key. If no one is there to receive the product, no one is happy, and we pride ourselves on our customer relationships. Our customers have other choices – they stay with us because of our service orientation.

In the past, when customers wondered when a delivery would arrive, the company had to call drivers on their mobile phones, and often wait for a call back. We needed to communicate with the driver and give the customer an accurate ETA in real-time, according to Suba.

Safety is also a concern. We want to make sure that our drivers are observing safe habits, explains Suba. In fact, the company has instituted new pay scales that reward drivers for good driving habits.

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