Bee-Green Mobility Sharing

Be Smart is an NHP Neaheliopolis Napoli spin-off, whose main objective is to restore the balance between man, city and solar energy through a sustainable development model. It handles integrated solutions for managing mobility projects, primarily for businesses. Bee is a car-sharing service that allows users to pick up a vehicle at a point in the city (Bee Point) and return it to another point. Bee currently has 230 vehicles (electric quadricycles) available throughout Naples, Milan and Rome, and aims to have 500 available vehicles within the next 48 months.

They needed to find an integrated solution for optimal car-sharing management in order to optimise their service.

Since the start of May 2014, the entire Bee – Green Mobility Sharing fleet has provided a high standard of service, thanks to TomTom Telematics and Be Smart. The user can search for nearby available vehicles on the mobile app, using information recorded by the WEBFLEET platform and sent using the WEBFLEET.connect API.

There are many benefits to this integration. For starters, the customer enjoys a complete and accurate service down to the last detail. The WEBFLEET platform means that customer care always have the details of all vehicles at their fingertips, so they can respond to users' needs quickly and in a detailed and efficient manner, processing a greater number of requests and reducing management costs.

Thanks to the incredible possibilities provided by the WEBFLEET integration, the Be Smart solution has acquired unique capabilities, making Bee — Green Mobility Sharing one of the most efficient, secure and reliable players in its sector, says Mr Mario Cuollo Conforti, CEO of Be Smart. The LINK.connect and WEBFLEET.connect APIs have enabled us to undertake a major project that brings together all the successful elements of our service under one umbrella. The WEBFLEET platform has become the live window to the 230 vehicles in the Bee fleet!

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