Best Energy Solutions

Best Energy Solutions increases productivity by 30%

Best Energy Solutions has been providing commercial and residential HVAC design, installation and service to the Akron, OH area for 30 years. Serving a metropolitan area of more than 700,000, the company's fleet of 14 vehicles represents the company's biggest asset - and front line for customer service.

Best Energy Solutions chose TomTom's fleet management solution to minimize travel time and maximize service time. The results are impressive.

Overall, according to Phil Chairrapa, Vice President Working with TomTom has resulted in major operational efficiencies. I would estimate productivity is up by 30% as a result. It's increased our efficiency in dispatching and keeping track of calls and is an easy way to communicate with our technicians while they are on the road. And they appreciate the navigation piece. The less time they spend on the road, the more time they spend with customers, and the more money we all make.

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