Christie Intruder Alarms

Christie Intruder Alarms is an independent, family owned security installation company which has been delivering high quality security solutions throughout the South of England for over 40 years. With well over fifty thousand installations, Christie Intruder Alarms Ltd (CIA) is the South Coast's leading security company.

CIA implemented a TomTom solution consisting of a LINK GPS tracking box with 10-second positioning, paired with a GO navigation device with 2-way messaging and LIVE services including TomTom's unique TomTom Traffic. The system also records driving behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking and cornering.

CIA is keen to be able to differentiate between business and private mileage and by installing the TomTom solution, they are now able to do this.

The business mileage report information recorded means that the weekly timesheet has become obsolete. CIA has made incredible savings since the TomTom solution was installed. These have arisen as a result of reduced overall mileage and increased declaration of private mileage which drivers are responsible for.

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