Mr. C Refrigeration

Mr. C Refrigeration provides commercial refrigeration and air conditioning sales, installation, and repair services in Louisville, Kentucky. The company also has a second division, Sterling Heating and Air, focused on residential customers. The combined company manages 20 vehicles, with a dedicated dispatcher for each part of the business.

Mr. C’s General Manager Mike Campisano Jr. knew his business was complex. He also knew that he was likely losing money on many jobs, because drivers weren’t estimating the time spent in traffic, on the road, and at the customer site. With two different businesses to manage, keeping things separate while maintaining consistent processes was a constant challenge. The company was using Wintac’s dispatching solution, running different profiles for the two divisions of the company, but still struggled with monitoring and managing technicians’ time on the job – and on the road

According to Campisano, Wintac's integration with TomTom WEBFLEET made it easy to add a telematics solution, and instantly improve the effectiveness of their billing and payroll procedures. Our guys clock in and out using the TomTom device in their truck, so we know when they start their day, and we know exactly how long they spend at the customer site. As a result, both customer billing and payroll are based on exact time spent on the job. We’re not losing $20, $30 or more on a job anymore because the technician doesn’t remember exactly when he got there.

Mr. C’s also has a much better handle on its vehicles. With 95 percent of our technicians taking their vehicles home, it is really helpful to know what is happening with the trucks on off hours, explained Campisano. Now, I can set alerts and get email notifications if trucks are being moved at night or on the weekends.

Mr. C’s is also enjoying the benefit of regular maintenance. Management receives automatic alerts when a vehicle has driven 3,000 miles, so it can be serviced. This has resulted in fewer repairs and better performance from each vehicle. The company is also able to analyze technicians’ driving habits to improve efficiencies across their business.

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