Veterans Security

TomTom use cuts response time by 25%; helps slash insurance rates

Founded in 1994, Veteran's Security began with three dedicated partners providing guard service to apartment complexes in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, with headquarters in Phoenix, and additional offices in Tucson and Las Vegas, Veteran's Security is a force in the security industry in the southwest, employing 500 highlytrained security officers, answering more than 4,000 calls per month. From government agencies and power companies, to hotels, construction sites and warehouses, to property management companies and individual homeowners, Veteran's Security stakes its reputation on its "guaranteed services" pledge, promising the most efficient and most reliable response and protection services, backed with 100% verification of service delivery.

Veteran's Security upgraded to its TomTom fleet management system in 2008. The return on investment has been rapid. Response times have been shaved 25 percent, and the company is saving more than $13,000 on its automobile insurance premiums each year. "Our average response time is down 25 percent from 40 minutes to 30 minutes," Brandon says. "Our dispatch office in Phoenix sends instructions directly through the TomTom system - no more cell phones, no more pulling off the road to record dispatches. We are saving time, providing better service levels, and we are in full compliance with driver cell phone usage laws. "The time and dollar savings are tremendous," Brandon says, "but the overall improvements in efficiency, employee safety, and customer service are even more important." Brandon explains that TomTom provides the company a complete fleet management solution from dispatch to navigation, tracking, tracing, and reporting. "TomTom provides us a complete picture of our business at any given moment," Brandon says. "We know when a vehicle arrives at a location and when it leaves. We know they are traveling the most efficient routes, we know their speed. We know that at any given time we have the information to respond to any customer question or concern."

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