JC Towing

JC Towing Boosts Profits and Professionalism with TomTom

JC Towing has been a leader in the use of technology in the Southern California towing community for more than 30 years. By 2009, the company had already deployed two fleet management systems but needed a new solution: We were happy with the first system until update times became too long and unfortunately, the vendor of our second system had issues with installation and support.

JC Towing deployed a TomTom fleet management solution with the help of Charlotte-based reseller Traxxis GPS Solutions.

The company is using its new TomTom system to quickly match customers to operators and route vehicles efficiently to the correct location. Our dispatchers don't have to remember, 'Well, I've got this truck over here and this truck over here, and I've got this call from a customer, so let me figure out who's going to be the closest,' says Clark. With our new TomTom solution, they can just look on the map to see which operator is the closest and send them clear instructions directly into the cab. The driver simply accepts the job and the navigator provides turn-by-turn directions during their journey. We no longer waste time with wrong addresses and poor routes. We get there faster, which makes customers happier and improves our bottom line.

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