The Company

One of the UK’s largest gas distribution networks SGN manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.8 million homes and businesses across the south of England and Scotland. Regardless of the gas supplier used, SGN is committed to delivering gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of its customers.

With its dedicated team of 3,700 people, SGN aims to keep its customers safe and warm by leading the way in energy delivery. Each year, the company upgrades around 1,000km of pipeline, connects 20,000 new customers to its network and responds to 230,000 emergency calls to the 24-hour National Gas Emergency Service.

SGN runs a fleet of around 2,000 commercial vehicles from 17 depots.

The Challenge

Optimising fleet performance With watchwords of safety, reliability and efficiency, coupled with a pledge to provide minimum environmental impact, SGN turned to TomTom Telematics to help optimise the performance of its fleet.

Success would be determined from improvements in three main areas of the business, hitting strict service level agreements, identifying opportunities for fuel savings and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

The Solution

£1m savings identified SGN initially tested the TomTom WEBFLEET fleet management system and OptiDrive 360, the driver behaviour improvement system, on 100 vehicles. The trial brought a reduction in fuel wastage through idling of almost 68% and improved average fuel consumption by 11 per cent. SGN's Finance team quickly recognised the huge opportunity for using driver performance data to transform operational efficiency and was 100% confident that TomTom systems would deliver what the company wanted them to.

Improved customer response times The WEBFLEET system provides real time locations of the fleet and is linked to the job scheduling system. This means the most appropriate engineer can be sent to each job, based on who will arrive on site quickest rather than simply who is the closest, with directions sent automatically via the in-cab driver terminal, allowing them to follow the most efficient route.

The OptiDrive 360 report scores drivers on eight performance indicators. As well as giving drivers instant alerts, such as when they are braking too harshly, it also gives them predictive tips, like when to change gear, reduce acceleration or check their optimum green speed. After each trip the drivers can check their performance via the driver terminal, whilst in the office the manager can monitor driver performance via the easy colour coding of the WEBFLEET dashboard. Additionally, line managers are able to determine the location of their engineers at any given time via an app on their smart phones.

Idling down by 68% By integrating with the WEBFLEET platform, SGN’s vehicle management company, Inchcape Fleet Solutions, now gets immediate alerts on engine fault codes to instigate proactive maintenance, which again is saving thousands in repairs.

WEBFLEET and OptiDrive 360 have produced some incredible results for SGN:

Mileage reduced by16%
MPG improved by11%
Inefficient driving events reduced by24%
Idling cut by68%
Speeding time reduced by15%
Vehicle maintenance bill cut by5%

SGN's Head of finance said: Overall, we anticipate making an annual saving of £1 million, while improving driver safety and reducing our environmental impact.

All managers have received in-depth training on how to make the best use of the data for their team. We try to get them actively involved in the management of our fleet.

We’ve also introduced an element of healthy competition with depot comparisons and been very careful to position the technology correctly. This has never been about punishing bad drivers; it’s about making all our drivers safer and greener, which is good news for everyone.

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