TomTom GO 7000 driving view (angle)

GO 7000

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Built for business

The GO 7000 is a portable navigation device that's designed with the professional driver in mind. It features an integrated speaker and microphone for spoken directions and safer, hands-free voice commands. It also has an extended battery life for the hours you spend on the road; sophisticated navigation functions that find you the smartest route for the time of day, wherever you go; Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free mobile phone calls; and real-time traffic information that keeps you one step ahead of the rest.

Worker's companion

As part of a TomTom WORKsmart™ solution, the GO 7000 makes it easy for your team to stay in touch on the road. And it's safe too, as it supports hands-free calling from a mobile phone. The GO 7000 is so simple to use, you don't even have to read the manual. It makes an excellent travel companion, giving drivers with the best route for the time of day and re-routing them if there are problems ahead. It provides spoken instructions, so they can keep their eyes on the road, and a reliable ETA, so they can keep customers happy.

Connect to the office

With TomTom WORKsmart™, the GO 7000 can always be connected to the office via the TomTom LINK, delivering clear benefits for fleet managers and drivers. Managers are able to track each vehicle in real time, so they can always send the best-placed person for the job. Mileage and working hours data is collected automatically and delivered straight to the office, where it can be put to good use in smart reports. And with the insight provided through WEBFLEET, managers can monitor and manage fuel consumption, overtime and more across the business.

Staying safe

The fact that you've provided your drivers with a satnav device already means they'll have fewer distractions, drive fewer miles and have lower stress levels. The GO 7000 has the additional benefits of spoken directions, hands-free calling support, speed camera alerts and advanced lane guidance for navigating tricky junctions. There's also a handy Help me! menu, so they can either find or summon emergency help if they need it.

Saving time

The GO 7000 combines accurate maps with sophisticated navigation technology to save drivers time. The maps are kept up to date with TomTom-approved Map Share corrections from other TomTom users. IQ Routes technology calculates the fastest route for the time of day. Advanced lane guidance ensures they never miss a turning. And the HD Traffic service alerts them to jams up ahead, while there's still time to avoid them.

Saving money

Time saved is money saved, right across the business. With your drivers following the fastest, smartest routes every day, you'll have lower fuel bills and maintenance costs. The automated mileage and working hours reporting will reduce the amount you spend on administration. And because you'll free up time to do more jobs in a day, you can take on more business without increasing the size of your organisation.

Drive with the latest and most up to date maps.

Map coverage statistics

Full coverage (99.9%)

Southern Africa (87.6 %)
Partial coverageuntranslated
Connector roadsThe major roads connecting many other Eastern European Countries are also mapped to ensure seamless navigation across the entire region. These countries include: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Your drivers are out there on the road every day, so you know that being on the road and getting to your destination can be quite a challenge. Road works, traffic jams, speed cameras... even a short journey can be time-consuming and costly. Now your drivers can drive smarter, every day - wherever they go. TomTom LIVE services offers a real-time connection to the latest route information such as traffic information, etc. straight to the vehicle; saving your business and your workforce time, money and stress.

The LIVE services require a LIVE subscription to WEBFLEET and the installation of the LINK 410/510 in the vehicle.

HD Traffic

TomTom HD Traffic provides accurate traffic information for major and rural roads so your plans are not disrupted by unexpected delays along the route. It helps drivers to avoid traffic jams while travelling 16% fewer miles and spending 18% less time on the road. In 2010, the German independent testing and inspection organisation TÜV SÜD identified HD Traffic as the best live traffic information service available.

Speed Cameras

The TomTom Speed Cameras service alerts drivers to the location of 25,000 fixed speed cameras stationed across Europe and any mobile speed cameras along the way. When your drivers know for sure there's a camera up ahead, they'll drive more safely and avoid speeding fines. Which is good news for them, and excellent news for your business.

Start your journey faster with TomTom QuickGPSfix™

This clever service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds - even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked.


TomTom Places helps drivers find whatever they're looking for, wherever they happen to be. Just type in any search word and the TomTom application will list all the hits in the local area, including the approximate distance from your present location. Select the one you want and the TomTom PRO will take you there. Simple.

Technical specification

11cm (4.3") widescreen - 16:9 LCD (WQVGA: 480 x 272 pixels)
SD card socket compatible with SD and MMC cards
High sensitivity GPS receiver
Battery (up to 3 hours autonomous operation)
Optimized integrated microphone and speaker for high-quality, hands-free functionality
4GB internal memory
Pre-installed map of United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
66x voices pre-installed

EasyPort™ Mount Kit

Want to use your GO in more than one car? Do it the easy way. Fit this extra mount kit in the other car, and you'll be able to transfer your GO in seconds. Also includes car charger.

Alternative Mount Kit

If you want to mount your TomTom in a different way, no problem. The alternative mount kit gives you the flexibility to mount your device where you want. Attach your device to the windscreen at any angle, or use the mount kit with the adhesive plate to mount the device on your dashboard.

Carcomm Cradle

The Carcomm Navigation mounting solutions are perfect to install and use your navigation device in your car. The holders keep your device in place and protects it from being damaged.

Alternative Mount: ProClip (also for TomTom GO 720)

Integrate your TomTom with your car interior. A tailor-made ProClip mounting kit is specifically manufactured for your vehicle and your TomTom. For a neat installation without loose cables. Install over a 2 A fuse inside the dashboard (12/24 Volt, 2A Charger).

Device holder: Active Holder, Tilt Swivel
Car mount: Depending on car

Leather Carry Case and Strap

Combining luxurious leather with ingenious design, this elegant but tough case has been custom-designed to protect your TomTom device from scratches, bumps and falls.

Travel Case

Carry and store your TomTom and accessories in this hard protective case. Complete with removable storage pockets to organize power cables and hold your windscreen mount. Alternatively use this case to store and carry other electronic devices on your travels. Comes with integral carry strap and contrasting red soft touch inner lining. Navigation device and accessories not included.

RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver (USB)

With the TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver, you can get all the latest traffic information on your TomTom device. For the one-off cost of the receiver you can get traffic updates and let your TomTom device reroute you around congestion.

Bluetooth® Remote Control

Operate your TomTom navigation device the easy way with this remote control. A single touch can carry out a range of functions, such as adjusting the navigation instruction volume or accessing voice control.