WEBFLEET comes with automated logbook functionality. It delivers and stores reliable trip data so you can prove your fleet’s mileage. Drivers can validate their journeys directly from their smartphone or PRO driver terminal.

Save admin time with easy mileage registration

Drivers can validate their trips at any time directly from their smartphone or PRO driver terminal, so mileage reporting is always quick and simple.

Control costs and follow fiscal directives

Reporting on business and private mileage helps you monitor claimed mileage more efficiently and reimburse drivers accordingly.

Know that all miles are accounted for

WEBFLEET’s logbook records accurate data on mileage and distance travelled. It can also record additional information, like journey purpose, address and contact details.

WEBFLEET logbook - mileage registration

Stay mobile with WEBFLEET Logbook

WEBFLEET Logbook for your smartphone makes it simple to keep your mileage registration updated. The app helps to reimburse your drivers and business and helps you calculate your tax declaration.

The app works in conjunction with* an in-vehicle TomTom LINK vehicle tracking device**, to display accurate data such as mileage and distance travelled on your drivers' smartphones.

Manage your business mileage registration for HMRC with WEBFLEET Logbook

You need to log business and private mileage for every vehicle used for business. This is the responsibility of the business, as well as the employee – both can be fined for non-compliance. With WEBFLEET logbook app all trips and mileage can be validated at any time by the driver. Have the peace of mind that you comply with your HMRC obligations.

How WEBFLEET mileage registration can help your drivers

The app allows drivers to add important information to their recorded trip, including:

  • Type of trip: business, commute or private
  • Purpose of the journey
  • Contact person
  • Notes
  • Adjustable odometer settings

* Subscription to WEBFLEET® required.
** Requires LINK 3xx firmware 1.9203 or higher / LINK 5xx firmware 2.0 or higher.

Get the app

The app is available on Android in the Google Play Store and on iOS in the Apple App Store.

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